About Us
Hanguk Vision

Development of automation Vision S/W for Semiconductor, LCD and FPD
Vision S/W development for automobile, food, cosmetics market automation

Business area

㈜한국비젼의 주요 사업분야를 소개해드립니다.

  • 01.산업용 Vision System [2D]

    Part location, Geometry, Feature comparison,
    Area size, count, pattern Identification

  • 02.[3D]

    inspection system, Wafer bump inspection

  • 03.IT S/W 개발

    Data base, SPC, CAMS MES


Major Business

  • 01.반도체 및 LCD, FPD 용 자동화 Vision S/W 개발
  • 02.자동차, 식품, 화장품 시장 자동화 Vision S/W 개발
  • 03.mobile module 시장 bonding 검사 S/W 개발


Promotion Business

  • 01.자동화 설비(Denso Robot + Flying vision
    system Development)
  • 02.mobile module bonding inspection S/W
  • 03.3D S/W Development


New Business

  • 01.산업용 vision을 접목한 FA 자동화
    + IT solution 접합
  • 02.CAMX MES system 개발